The Superhero Experience

One-on-One Superhero Video Chat with Storytime

Your little one will have a blast when they talk directly to our superhero!

Our package options include an exciting 20-minute video chat, including storytime, getting to know the superhero one-on-one, playing fun games, and simply connecting with your little one.

Be the hero in your child's life by giving them something that will fill their hearts with excitement and hope!

One-on-One Video Chat

$49 Reserve Now
  • 20 Minute Video Chat
  • Exciting Face-to-Face Greeting
  • Getting to Know the Superhero One-on-One
  • Special Superhero Storytime
  • Interactive Superhero Games
  • Super Wishes & Epic Goodbye

Superhero Cameo Recording

Looking for an experience your little hero can watch again and again? A 2-3 minute customized "cameo" gift is guaranteed to add some inspiration to your child's day!

Choose your epic superhero interaction today!

Cameo Recording

$29 Reserve Now
  • 2-3 Minute Personalized Video
  • Exciting Personalized Greeting
  • Customizable Superhero Message
  • Super Wishes & Epic Goodbye