The Superhero Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The Superhero Experience has all of the most popular heroes for your kids birthday event and we continue to grow our list of who's available! Our actors fully embody the character they are dressed as, equipped with not only grade-A professional costumes but with the full backstory and embodiment of their superhero. Your little one's in for the most epic birthday ever.

What Superheroes do you have?

Which Superhero do you want? We have them all!

What does a superhero do at the Party?

Depending on your package size, your superhero will engage party guests in a variety of activities. Contact us for a full list of our packages!

What if something comes up and I have to cancel?

We prefer to have as much notice as possible in the case of a cancellation. If you cancel with more than 21 days notice, we can refund half of your deposit. Less than 21 days cancellation notice will require that we keep the full deposit. If you have to cancel with less than 3 days notice, you are required to pay the entire cost of the package. We do make it a priority to reschedule with any party that cancels with over 7 days notice.

I am holding my party outdoors… Is that ok?

Unless there is inclement weather, all of our superheroes are suitable for outdoor parties!

I just found out about you and there are less than two weeks before my event! Can I still hire you?


Do you offer a discounted rate to non-profit organizations, schools and other special groups?

It is a pleasure to work with charity and fundraising groups, contact us to see how we can help!

How far in advance of our event should we contact you?

Unfortunately, we're popular. Like, really, really popular. Don't worry though, you're one of the cool kids - we can do performances with as little as 48 hours notice.

Do we need to put down a deposit?

Yep. 50% down when you sign the contract to hold the date.

Where can the event take place?

We will always come to you! Whether it is your house, your business, your backyard, or your convention center. We bring the entertainment to you.

Are there any additional fees for having the actors travel?

It's included in the cost of your quote.

So-the rate you give us is the rate? Are there any additional charges?

No. Prices are "Out the Door".